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Posted by floyd2 on Thursday July 26, 2018 6:58 pm

By far the most important accomplishment has been raising over $1.7 million over the past 15 years.  We have received funding from both the Peters and North Strabane Townships, the Peters Rotary Club, the Peters Township Garden club, Local Shares of Gaming Funds and the generous support from  individual donors who value and support the Lake.  Last but not least are the yearly tent sales where ball caps, T shirts, etc., are sold by committee members in an effort to raise money and community awareness.    Credit is shared with support of the PFBC and the Washington County Conservation District.   

  • In 2007, courtesy of  a Growing Greener Funds grant from the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR), we completed a major site plan detailing intended improvements to the Lake including walking trails, picnic areas, 2nd boat launch, restrooms, improved lighting and parking,  and a Wetlands Interpretation Center to be realized once the Lake is “Saved”.
  • In 2012, Canonsburg Lake Dam was stabilized and brought up to code at a cost of approximately $3 million as a result of maintained pressure by the public on local representitives.  Now that the Dam was stabilized attention shifted to consider what was needed to improve the Lake.
  • In 2014 the townships and our county commissioners supported efforts to identify a company to construct a weir upstream to catch upstream sediment and debris.  This is an essential next step before any dredging can begin.  The scope of the work would involve creating an access road on the North Strabane side of the Lake for the PFBC and the contractor to mobilize equipment they would need.  Bids were solicited and the firm to complete the work was selected.  The work was completed in 2016 at a cost of ($2million).  Unfortunately funds appropriated for the work were inadequate to allow for any dredging.
  • Currently (2018) ongoing efforts to raise money to begin dredging have begun.  This is an expensive undertaking and all money must be secured before any dredging can begin.  


Additional accomplishments 

  • Partnered with the Peter’s Township Girl Scouts to install benches around the lake.
  • Partnered with an Eagle Scout to build a walkway bridge on the North Strabane side that crosses a wet stream-fed gulley.   An Eagle Scout also improved a walking trail from the mail parking lot to the dam.
  • Constructed a footbridge and informational Kiosk
  • With the help of North Strabane  township, Japanese knotweed was removed allowing more access for fisherman to the Lake.  Additionally, all fallen trees were  removed, debris cleared, and the area sprayed to minimize regrowth
  • Partnered annually with students from the Environmental Club at both Peters Township High School (PTHS) and Canon-MacMillan High School (CMHS) to participate in clean up, water safety education, and canoeing.
  • Sponsored over the past several years three major fund raising events at restaurants around or near the Lake who benefit from their customers enjoying Lake side dining: Bruschetta’s (now Mad Max), Juniper Grill, and Atrias.  These restaurants hosted the events, providing appetizers and wine.  Proceeds from these events were donated to “Save the Lake” efforts.
  • Requested a dumpster on the North Strabane side

These accomplishments could not have been accomplished without the support of several agencies who share the same vision for water safety and quality in Washington County. 


 Canonsburg Lake Restoration &
Improvement Committee

“Save Canonsburg Lake”


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