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Right now our primary goal is to raise $3 million to dredge a portion of Canonsburg Lake to remove accumulated sediment. By dredging the lake from the causeway bridge upstream, we will improve the habitat and expand the areas of the lake useful for recreation. Over time all manmade lakes require dredging to remove sediment if they are to remain a lake, and Canonsburg Lake has never been dredged in its 75 years of existence. During this time, this area has experienced significant building growth and numerous destructive storms depositing sediment and debris. By installing a weir in 2016, we have provided a collection point for some of the sediment and debris carried into Canonsburg Lake from Little Chartiers Creek. However, we still have decades worth of sediment that needs to be removed.

Sediment removal will allow us to boat, fish, and enjoy the beauty of the lake for generations to come.

While we are primarily focused on raising money to cover the cost of dredging, we continue to work on ways to improve visitors’ experience at Canonsburg, such minimizing debris washing up in parking lot and improving maintenance of the lake.

 As of March 2018, we have raised about 10% of our goal. To reach our goal we need your help; you can help by donating, coming to our events, sharing our information, coming up with ideas for fundraisers, and volunteering


 Canonsburg Lake Restoration &
Improvement Committee

“Save Canonsburg Lake”


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