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In 2004, a survey and series of town hall meetings were conducted to determine how the public would like to use the lake and what improvements they would like to see. A Master Plan (this should be a link, but I don't have that file. I'm trying to get that from Carole or Debra.) was developed using this public input. The most common feedback received was that people would like to see the lake remain primarily a natural environment. The improvements that were most often requested were benches, restrooms, and trails around the lake. One goal of the trails would be a way for fishermen to access the deeper section of the lake on the north side. All trails will be dirt, like the existing trails, to maintain the natural feel of the lake. While we work towards our primary goal of raising the funds necessary to dredge the lake we are working to maintain the lake, hosting annual clean ups, and making what progress we can towards our goal of a healthy, sustainable lake environment.


 Canonsburg Lake Restoration &
Improvement Committee

“Save Canonsburg Lake”


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Canonsburg Lake Restoration & Improvement Committee
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