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In 1998, a small group of residents gathered together to share their concerns regarding the degradation of Canonsburg Lake. 

They gathered over 3000 signatures on a petition that was presented to the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission (PFBC) along with pictures of the Lake’s current condition, letters of support from both townships, the county commissioners, our state senator and representatives and testimonials from fishermen, boaters, birders, as well as other residents who valued the lake and who like you, feared that without intervention, the lake would continue to decline and the surrounding community and the entire SW PA would lose a valuable regional asset. 

In 2004, the Canonsburg Lake Restoration & Improvement Committee was formed to harness the energy and enthusiasm to meet this urgent need. Over the past two decades substantial progress has been made to “Save the Lake”. 

We are local residents, like you. Some of us live near the lake; some of us boat; some of us fish, but all of us cherish the lake and want to see it preserved for future generations.

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We need your help! If you love the Lake, we need your energy and enthusiasm. No matter where your talents lie, you can help. 

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Related Organizations

The Washington County Watershed Alliance (WCWA) was organized in 1998 to coordinate and enhance the efforts of Washington County's watershed groups. Tax-deductible donations and grants for the watershed groups and for Alliance projects are deposited in the WCWA accounts. WCWA is a nonprofit (501c-3) organization, incorporated in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and registered with the Pennsylvania Bureau of Charitable Organizations.

The purpose of the Chartiers Creek Watershed Association (CCWA) is to enhance, protect, and develop the ecosystem of the watershed in Washington County by undertaking activities to: 

  1. study the natural resources of the watershed
  2. develop a program to improve and maintain the water resources of the watershed
  3. promote local interest in natural resource conservation
  4. involve local support to correct problem conditions
  5. identify federal, state, and local programs (financial, technical, and scientific) that would benefit the watershed. 

A watershed is an area of land in which all water sources flow into a common body of water. Watersheds form naturally by the topography of an area. Canonsburg Lake lies within the Chartiers Creek Watershed and the stream that feeds into it is the Little Chartiers Creek. The Chartiers Creek and Little Chartiers Creek waterways meet just below the Canonsburg Lake Dam. 

Combined these watersheds represent the largest of the 15 watersheds in Washington County. Smaller watersheds are part of larger watersheds which in turn are part of an even larger one. What happens in one watershed effects water quality on a much larger scale. Washington County watersheds are part of the Ohio River watershed. The Chartiers Creek Watershed and the streams that feed the Little Chartiers Creek have the designation of being a high quality watershed supporting healthy fish and other organisms that live in water. Both watersheds flow northwest into the Ohio River at McKees Rocks, PA.

The Washington County Conservation District functions to provide community outreach and education and to assess and improve water quality. 


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